Monday, October 02, 2006


Upset they've stopped selling Hizbullah messenger bags?

Well, Jim Hancot has an alternative suggestion:
So from now on, in the UK, if I even so much as sniff a dumbass anti-war demo, the appropriate t-shirt will be donned:

and a can of abusive whoopass cracked open. The gloves are off.
Get the t-shirt and more at Camden Market or online.

As PublicGriefJunkies' sales pitch says:
Link arms! March together! Because apparently the price of candles, beads, henna tattoos and Bob Marley merchandise is going to skyrocket unless everybody everywhere stops shooting and starts dancing, or something. When the shrill, hysterical, and desperate-to-feel-guilty people start talking, you’d better be listening – because they know better than you, about everything. Submit NOW by owning this t shirt.
Just do it. You know it makes sense.


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