Monday, September 11, 2006


Remember this lot, who organised the Iran Freedom Concert back in March to highlight the Iranian government's human rights abuses and to express solidarity with Iranian students?

Well it looks like they,The HAMSA and both the Harvard College Democrats and Republicans did themselves proud yesterday, organising a rally protesting against Mohammed Khatami's visit to Harvard.

Reports and more photos here and here, courtesy of Technicalities and Publius Pundit respectively. (Hat tip: Big Glenn.)

Nice one.

Update: Another report here, courtesy of Miss Kelly.

The Boston Herald has a report of the meeting itself, complete with bald-faced lying from Khatami over Iran's support for Hezbollah:
Khatami faced several pointed questions about Iran’s support for the anti-Israel Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, which the United States has branded a terrorist organization.

“You’ve said you love Hezbollah,” asked a Harvard senior. “Do you still feel that way today?”

Khatami denied Iran had given aid to Hezbollah and painted the terror group as “a symbol of Lebanese resistance.”

“If we support Hezbollah, it is only spiritual support,” he insisted.
There's no mention of just how long his nose was by this point.

The editor, Jules Rittenden's reply is a good one - "Time to send message to Iran".


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