Monday, September 18, 2006


One hurdle out the way, another to go.

Halfway through sorting out *stuff*.

Let's just say the past four years haven't been in vain.

Now to sort out work shenanigans.

Back on Friday.

PS You'll notice things only go a tad crazy when I'm too busy to blog (or attend Darfur rallies).

PPS Would now be a bad time to publish a quote about "pigs and monkeys" out of context? If people are going to get upset and start killing nuns over the words of 14th Century Byzantine Emperors, why not pull for the Big Daddy and get the supposed words of God out in the open?

I notice the usual suspects (see HP comments around March 06) aren't asking for the press not to reprint what the Pope said for fear of "poking a stick". Not this time. After their hysteria about the Danish cartoons I'd have thought they would, at least for consistency. Hypocrites.

As any fule kno: Jihad is the crunk of Islam.

Rationalists: there's work to be done. Christ.


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