Sunday, September 10, 2006


He might not have been the most prolific Cif commentator, but it looks like Noam Chomsky has thrown in the towel and left the Guardian's blog.

This Cif thread which contained the remarkably revealing comment from katie182:
I was not always antisemitic but my views are changing!
appears to have been deleted (hat tip Barbara). It followed Chomsky's article: "Their View of the World is Through a Bombsight".

Perhaps the Guardian have been doing some spring-cleaning and purging their site of some of the more obnoxious threads? Judging by what remains on the rest of the blog, I doubt it. It seems it's only Uncle Choms' two articles that have disappeared from the face of the net.

Either way, now it doesn't even show up in Google's Cache and I can't find it using the WayBack machine either.

Good job I saved the lot.


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