Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Here's MPACUK's Asghar Bukhari debating Melanie Phillips on Sky:

Nothing remarkable happens, so fast forward to just before the 8.00 minute mark when you'll find Bukhari stating:
There's never an excuse for drowning out other people's voices.
Now check this debate, also from Sky, between Bukhari and Oliver Kamm: (Hat-tip: Bevan)

Seems like the man could do with following some of his own advice.

Incidentally, the front of MPACUK's website is currently advertising a thread in its forum entitled "Wow! Check this out! Pentagon Strike!" which links to a conspiracy site denying a 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11. One of the forum moderators appears quite chuffed about it too. So no change there then.

Once again, why do the likes of Sky bother getting on someone from an organisation only 10% of British Muslims feel represents their views?


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