Friday, August 25, 2006


I know I'm not sposed to be here, but just spotted this in a friend's inbox and thought it'd make a good Friday post. From Ananova (where else?):
A Chicago man told airport security he had a bomb in his luggage - because he didn't want his mum to know it was a penis pump.

Mardin Azad Amin, 29, was questioned after security at the city's O'Hare Airport discovered a suspicious-looking object in his bag.

Amin, who was set to fly to Turkey, told security the object was a bomb, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

In fact, he was trying to disguise the fact that the black object was a component for a penis pump.

Amin eventually told investigators he'd lied because his mother was standing nearby and he didn't want her to know about it.

Amin faces up to three years in prison if convicted, said Andrew Conklin, a spokesman with the Cook County state's attorney's office.
Someone taking these guys far too seriously:

And off...


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