Thursday, February 02, 2006


I was wondering when we'd get to hear from these flagbearers for free speech. From an article in the Times:
The Muslim Association of Britain today called on all British broadcasters and newspapers not to publish the images.

But the Muslim Council of Britain said its reaction to the BBC’s decision to broadcast would "depend on the context".
OK. Let's start with the MAB:
“Printing or republishing these images is not advisable, knowing that they are going to offend.

“It will only infuriate the British members of the Muslim community and Muslims around the world. It will be insult to injury. You can’t reproduce these images in a sensitive manner.”
At least they're not blaming the Zionists. Yet.

(Aside: I wonder what the MAB would have made of Bill Hicks? If he wasn't allowed material that would infuriate or offend anyone, there wouldn't be much left of his routine.)

Next up to bat, the more moderate MCB:
A spokesman said: "It depends on whether they’re broadcast to illustrate the story about the row developing, or, in the same way as the European newspapers have published, to gloat about freedom.
Ah, gloating about freedom. What a terrible thing to be proud of. I'm starting to wonder whether the Times got the MAB and MCB quotes mixed up:
"We recognise that the newspapers have full freedom. However we hope that they would be able to show restraint when it comes to these images because of the enormous hurt it would cause to Muslims."
Newspapers should refrain from printing these fairly duff cartoons because they would cause "enormous hurt?" Oh, the agony... But please. Is this the same MCB whose Secretary General, Iqbal Sacranie, couldn't bring himself to condemn suicide bombings in Israel?

I'll leave it to you to decide which (suicide bombing or printing cartoons) causes the greater "enormous hurt."


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