Thursday, January 26, 2006


Another great report from Mikey on yesterday evening's 'Boycott Apartheid Israel' meeting organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is now available to read on the Engage website.

Looks like the usual suspects were out in force, from ISM activists to the loathsome Sue Blackwell. I would have gone but had a previous engagement that I couldn't get out of. Judging by the behaviour of both the audience and speakers, I might have had an uncomfortable time:
Sixth questioner: I want to ask about the boycott of Israel. Is this the boycott of any activity of Israel? Does it include the assistance the Israelis have given to Jordanians? Does it include the aid the Israelis have provided to the Rwandans? Does it include aid Israel offered to Iran?

There was quite a bit of uproar going on through this and the questioner was asked by someone in the audience if he had finished. The questioner responded that he had not even started. This caused more commotion. The questioner then said the point is that as the votes in the election seem to show the Palestinian people prefer blood thirsty murder to the rule of law. This caused further commotion.

Uri Davis: To the sixth questioner. I want to talk directly to you. What is your name?

The questioner responded – Jack. Uri then asked if that was his real name. The questioned retorted that "Do you want me to show you my passport". Uri asked him where he lived. The questioner responded that it was not relevant. Uri then said: 'Can you accept that collective punishment is wrong? That the sins of the parents are not something that children should be blamed for?'. The original questioner responded that he could accept this.

Uri then said that we could condemn suicide bombings together and that we could also condemn war crimes together. If you put list of all the crimes, the war criminals Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz would rate much higher on the list than the suicide bombers that would be at the bottom. This statement was greeted by applause from the audience.

The original questioner said he could not accept that. At this point someone from the audience stood up pointing at the questioner and said "You, you shit". The original questioner responded to this man said "thank you". There was some more commotion and calls to move on.
How to win an argument, lifted straight from Moonbat Logic 101. Call anyone who disagrees with you a shit or intimidate them in a public building by asking their name and where they come from. How clever.

Noone appears to have brought up the issue of exactly how such an academic boycott might be enforced.
  • Would there have to be some sort of "Committee" to scan emails and listen in on phone-calls to check that people like myself weren't collaborating with Israeli academics?

  • Would those Israeli academics be able to transfer over to British universities to continue their research?

  • If not, would that be racist?

  • Or would we only accept those who swore no alleigance to Israel?

  • Hasn't Europe been down a similar route once before?
A truly nonsensical proposition. Read the whole thing.

And to Mikey: Good work fella!


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