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I should have known - it's all a big Zionist conspiracy. From the MPAC Super Sleuths courtesy of The Maven:
"We knew there must be some hidden agenda to this attack. it wasn't a genuine stand for free speech. Europeans in general do not do this sort of thing. It was an alert member of the public, who posted on our comments section that first tipped us off to the Israeli connection to the attacks on the Prophet PBUH. The brothers name is Bilal Patel and his comment is tucked away in the hundreds of comments and emails we have had on our site. We thank him for being vigilant in this Jihad! Here MPACUK exposes for the first time in Britain the Zionist owner of the paper and his hidden hand behind the attack on the Prophet PBUH.
Once again MPACUK are the first Muslim group to get to the truth. Imagine readers if only our mosques were as vigilant and active, 2000 groups would be protecting the Ummah instead of one. Proving once again that Zionists are the biggest cause of Islamaphobia in the world today. Please do not fall into "non Muslims" hate us trap that they want you too. Blame the perpertrators of the attack and wake up to their evil. The general European is as ignorant as you are of who and why the paper is attacking the Prophet PBUH."
It truly beggars belief.

On a different note, the BBC's not come out of this looking particularly good.

They've managed to:
  • Include a shot of one of the fake "cartoons" that's been doing the rounds, in an article on gunmen raiding the EU's offices in Gaza in protest over the cartoons (Hat tip: Drinking From Home):

  • Incorrectly claim that this fake was one of the 12 published cartoons (Hat tip: Biased BBC):
    Rob Broomby on BBC Radio 4’s PM last night (and well spotted Eammon):
    'The blue touch paper had been lit by a series of cartoons published in a Danish newspaper in September. One portrayed the Prophet Mohammed with a turban shaped like a time bomb. Another showed him with a face of a pig.'
    Wrong Rob. Very wrong. Now let's have a report which answers these questions: 1.Why are Muslims spreading fake Danish cartoons? 2. Why did the BBC fall for the propaganda?
  • Report on France Soir publishing the cartoons only to show a blacked-out version of the newspaper (Hat tip: Harry's Place):
    Posted by Get Wilcox

    The 10 O'Clock news has just run a story on the Danish cartoon controversy. They showed the cover and inside pages of France Soir newspaper (where various cartoons of Mohammed are reproduced) but did so in a ludicrous, semi-blacked out style thereby preventing viewers seeing what the fuss is about. Treating satirical cartoons as if they were pornography is disgraceful. The BBC (rightly) wouldn't hesitate to show clips from Jerry Springer: the Opera - indeed they broadcast the whole thing. Tonight BBC News demonstrated cowardly, one-eyed pandering to an aggressive lobby group.

    Watch it for yourself: - Click on 'Watch BBC News in video' in the top right hand corner and click the '1, 6 and 10 O'Clock News' button.

    And then - if you share my disgust - register a complaint:

    08700 100 222

    Please do - it really makes a difference within the Corporation. There are some good people there fighting the suffocating PC mindset. Your complaints will help them.
Good effort - the BBC's shown and referenced a fake cartoon (which is MUCH more offensive than the published cartoons) and failed to show the originals. Not very clever.

Presumably the BBC is worried about the reaction from its worldwide audience. Well that's not good enough. The BBC's primary responsibility is to Britain. If our newspapers don't print the cartoons, how is someone like my grandmother supposed to judge for herself what all the fuss is about if our major broadcaster chickens out as well? Spineless.

Finally, MediaWatchWatch's coverage has been pretty solid; this thread is worth a look for the comments alone. Start reading and you'll think it's a cunning spoof. Until you realise that inventing that many crazy comments would have been an almost superhuman feat. A little disturbing at times.

Some gems:
What has happened to the Danes they used to be one of the most tolerant people in europe now they are like the dutch racists.
How would u like it if the muslims started drawing obscene caricutures of jesus and moses, we dont becuase we also respect them and other religions of the BOOK. You people should learn about Islam and then talk instead of spouting rubbish like ignorant people.
We muslims ARE agrieved about unneccesary killing but as far as the palestinians are concerned they have no choice but to do what they are since america is backing the zioniost pigs and they have weapons and the palestinians do not.
Iraq is the vietnam of the arabic world and thanks to Bush and Blair the two new Hitlers,imperialism is alive and well.why is the west poking its nose into other peoples business. OIL is the answer. WHY DONT YOU QUESTION THE ISRAELIS FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING?

You will all have to answer to Allah on the final day of judgement and the reason you Whites are afraid of Islam is becauase it is the fastest growing religion in the world today..

Pretty impressive, managing to switch from the cartoons to imperialism, anti-Zionism and finally racism in one post.

The following is a little nicer, although I can't help feeling that people might be laughing at his over-reaction already:
I think the respond of the muslim world should be tough and united,
we should boycot all the danish and norwegian products, and the muslim countries
should withdraw their embassadors from these two Europian countries.

otherwise; god help us , everybody will make fun of Islam.
This month's winner of the thinnest skin competition goes to someone by the name of Ash:
Freedom is a wonderful thing. However, I am free to do what I want until I start hurting others. I am free to drive a car, but I will be jailed if I drive it so fast in case I hurt somebody. The cartoonists and newspaper are free to draw and publish whatever they want, but isn’t their freedom questionable when they hurt others with their actions? I am a muslim and I am hurt!
I'd better nip this in the bud. Only one more, I promise, and a history lesson to boot:
I have one question to ask you, do you or your editor know anything about Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)? Sure you do not. So why don’t you try to learn anything about the Prophet Mohamed & I am sure 100 % that you will end up to be a very good Muslim.

Do not look to all Muslims at that time but I think that you also have to read about the Islamic history & see where we reached (I think your country was part of the Islamic empire & if it was left to Jews or Christians at the dark ages, most probably you would have not been even born.)
Guess we're all quite lucky to be alive, eh?

And so on. And on. And on. Like Ariston...


Looks like my nan's in luck. The BBC is going to show the cartoons on Newsnight tonight. Good.

From the Times:
The BBC is tonight planning to screen the 'blasphemous' cartoon images of Muhammad which have caused uproar across the Muslim world.

Station controllers said this afternoon that they had decided to use the pictures during tonight's edition of Newsnight on BBC2 in a report on the international dispute which has blown up around the cartoons.

The BBC said that the level of public interest justified a decision to ignore warnings from the Muslim community. A spokesman said: "We’ll use them responsibly and in full context to give audiences an understanding of the strong feelings evoked by the story."
Exactly. It might have taken them a while, but the BBC seems to finally have got this one right.


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