Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Eric over at the Popinjays posted this at 9.22pm yesterday:

Today's front cover of the Independent features the names of all 100 British soldiers who've lost their lives in Iraq (picture to follow if I can find an old copy on the Tube later - I'm not paying for a copy of the Indie...).

Although there is no mention of a quagmire, the leader on their website describes Corporal Pritchard's death as "a grim milestone".

Full credit to Kim Sengupta and Terri Judd for reaching into the cliche sack and pulling out a classic.

And hats off to Eric, both for his photoshop skills and ability to read the depressingly predictable minds of the Birkenstock branch of the Daily Mail.


Being a bit slow today, I only just noticed this in the Indie's story:
Anti-war demonstrators, including six MPs, read out the names of the British dead in Iraq and placed a hundred wooden crosses in their memory at Parliament Square.
BUT WHERE WERE THE AZTEC DANCERS?!?!? (For an explanation, see photoblogger Rayra's piece on Veterans Day 2005 at the Santa Monica Beach.


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