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Exit Zero are reporting that British Islamic hardliners Al Ghurabaa have posted an article entitled: "Kill those who insult the Prophet Muhammad (saw)".

Here's a taster:
The kuffar in their sustained crusade against Islam and Muslims have yet again displayed their hatred towards us this time by attacking the honour of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw).


This should come as no surprise to the Muslims because this is the exact and true nature of the kuffar that Allah (swt) has informed us of in the Quran. The kuffar will never have respect for our deen, they will never honour it and will always seek to ridicule and disparage it. At every opportunity they will try to attack and belittle it whilst concealing the greater hatred they have for it in their hearts. This is also evident throughout the history of Islam where the kuffar carried out similar acts to try and defame Islam. Allah (swt) tells us that; verily, the Kaafireen [disbelievers] are ever unto you your open enemies. [4:101]

At the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) there were individuals like these who dishonoured and insulted him upon whom the Islamic judgement was executed. Such people were not tolerated in the past and throughout the history of Islam were dealt with according to the Shariah. Ka’ab ibn Ashraf was assassinated by Muhammad ibn Maslamah for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his words, Abu Raafi’ was killed by Abu Ateeq as the Messenger ordered in the most evil of ways for swearing at the prophet, Khalid bin Sufyaan was killed by Abdullah bin Anees who cut off his head and brought it to the prophet for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his insults, Al-Asmaa bintu Marwaan was killed by Umayr bin Adi’ al-Khatmi, a blind man, for writing poetry against the prophet and insulting him in it, Al-Aswad al-Ansi was killed by Fairuz al-Daylami and his family for insulting the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and claiming to be a prophet himself. This is the judgement of Islam upon those who violate, dishonour and insult the Messenger Muhammad (saw).

Shortly after these incidents the people began to realise that insulting the Messenger of Allah (saw) was not something to be taken lightly and that by doing so would mean that you would be killed for it, a concept that many have seem to forgotten today.

The insulting of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) is something that the Muslims cannot and will not tolerate and the punishment in Islam for the one who does so is death. This is the sunnah of the prophet and the verdict of Islam upon such people, one that any Muslim is able execute. The response of the Muslims all over the world shows us the inability to deal with such people, the kuffar are attacking our Messenger and are allowed to get away with it whilst the Muslims have no power to do anything about it. The leaders of the Muslim world have no care for the deen of Islam as they are busy cementing their seats content with their power and wealth. Where are the Muhammad ibn Maslamah’s of our ummah who will defend the honour of our beloved Messenger and rise the banner of Tawheed high
If there's something to be said for those mediocre cartoons, at least they've brought violent Islamists with medieval mindsets out of the woodwork.

So who are Al Ghurabaa? A quick WhoIs doesn't reveal much except that the IP location for the server is in Germany.

But from their website:
Who are Al-Ghurabaa?

Al-Ghurabaa are Muslims from various different backgrounds that have come together to work collectively for the sake of Allah (swt), to dispel all of the lies and fabrications that lead people astray and to expose those who propagate them in order to bring forth the true, orthodox and pure version of Islam as given to us by the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and his companions.

Is Al-Ghurabaa not another name for the group called Al-Muhajiroun?

Al-Muhajiroun was a group established by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad which disbanded in 2004. Al-Ghurabaa however may have some similarities with the group formerly known as Al-Muhajiroun but they are not the same. Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad has no link to Al-Ghurabaa although many of its members are former students of him and still hold him in very high regard as a scholar and da'ee.
Well that's funny, because under their "Publications" link, you can buy five books by, you guessed it, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.

Just to give you a flavour of what lovely chaps Al Ghurabaa are, there's a link on their front page to an article entitled: "Homosexual today Paedophile tomorrow." Nice.

On a more humorous note, I notice that they are either unaware of just how many countries have published the cartoons or couldn't fit all the flags on the one picture:

Or perhaps they were so desperate to use the word "Trinity" they had to pick the most "Evil" countries of the bunch?

Al Muhajiroun are the lot that, according to Jon Ronson's book "Them," decided the best way to interrupt a voting session at the UN would be to introduce some mice into the chamber. Their thinking:

1) Women hate mice.
2) Women in UN chamber see mice, scream and climb onto the chairs and tables.
3) UN meeting ends in chaos.
4) Victory to the Ummah.


They also tied lots of Qurans to helium balloons and tried to set them free from Trafalgar Square. Sadly, they hadn't done the maths and none of them took off. If it's the same gang, not only do they possess some truly repugnant views, but they're not the sharpest tools in the box either.

They'll be outside London's Danish Embassy at 2pm today if you fancy popping along to let them know just what you think.

(Hat tip: Bevan)


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