Friday, August 18, 2006


Or so says Lenin over at the Tomb, as spotted by Marcus of HP.
"Once you've gone beyond that bollocks, this is a fascinating interview" Socialist Workers Party blogger 'Lenin' clearing his throat before praising his new hero Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah in August 2006

What is the 'bollocks' he alludes to briefly before launching into an article praising the great hero of the masses? Oh, hardly anything worth dwelling on comrades, just some words uttered in haste...

"It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth."

"If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."
If you go to the comments of Lenny's thread you'll find him attempting to get away with a "Some of Nasrallah's best friends are Jewish" line of defence:
Interestingly, however, Hezbollah has Jewish members at least one of whom is in Israeli captivity right now (I discussed this a while ago - Israel insists on enforcing his Right to Return, though he does not want it). It is also interesting that there remains a Jewish presence Lebanon, especially in Beirut, and Hezbollah has never harmed or agitated against any of them. This could be due to their doctrine about the People of the Book, but if they are prepared to accept a Jewish member, they aren't entirely doctrinaire about their position.
I wonder what Len would make of Kapos? I suppose he would say that the Nazis weren't entirely doctrinaire about their position.

And he's wrong about "there remains a Jewish presence Lebanon, especially in Beirut, and Hezbollah has never harmed or agitated against any of them."

He's forgetting those Lebanese Jews Hezbollah kidnapped and killed in the 1980s. But why would Lenny want to let facts get in the way of a good rant in support of his favourite thugs?

It would be funny to watch him trying to squirm his way out the hole he's dug himself if it were all not so grim.

I guess it's to be expected. They do say the camera never lies. Naughty but nice - I can't see Godwin's Law applying when someone is doing their level best to whitewash a Jew-hater who has stated his desire to see every last Jew dead - courtesy of the Drink Soaked Trots.

And Lenny's not alone. A good number of the Guardian's commentariat have followed suit. On today's Oliver Kamm thread over at Comment is free you'll find:
  • The biggest threat to peace in the Middle east is Israel, not Hizbollah, not Iran, not Hamas, not Syria...Israel has always been an aggressor than can only survive by destroying all around it.

  • I wonder why America, Britain and Israel want Hizbollah to disarm? It couldn't be something to do with Israel having the right to invade at anytime without any defence could it?

  • As far as Iran is concerned, how can Israel fight Iran when it cannot even fight Hezbollah. The only thing they are good at is terrorism against the civilian population. When they think about fighting real military, they pass on it.

  • Hizbullah is not a terrorist organisation. It aims its fire on Israeli soldiers, and sends missiles into Israel only in response to much worse Israeli bombardment of civilian targets in Lebanon. It does not initiate attacks on civilians. [A bit rich coming from someone accusing Kamm of making "false assumptions"]

Of course, a good bit of Israel-baiting wouldn't be complete without someone calling Kamm a Zionazi:

"You are one sick nasty piece of Nazi Zionist shit."


My favourite (good spot, David T):
I live in Los Angeles, and I wish there were a Hizb'Allah free clinic somewhere in the neighbourhood. Got forbid You get sick in this richest country in the world without medical insurance. And believe me, few can afford it. You can say whatever u want about Hizb'Allah, but USA faschist regime doesn't give a f.. about its poor and sick people, hunting down 'illegal immigrants', whose only crime is to work hard to feed there families. Strangely enough, all these 'illegals' are of Latina origin. Canadians can move and work here without a glitch, and there are miilions of them in States. Jim Carrey, Brendon Frasier, Michael Jay Fox, Pamela Lee- all Canadians. I never heard somebody claiming they are taking jobs from Americans. The greed, arrogance and hypocrisy of this country is astounding. I prefer Hizb'Allah to rotten, corrupt, cold-hearted Nazis like Bush, Dick(not even Richard), Condomlease NoRiceNoBread anytime.

As for Israel, I have been living there for 3 years, I don't even want to discuss it. Democracy? I couldn't marry my wife in there, because she was not of German, excuse me, Jewish blood. A CITIZEN OF ISRAEL CAN'T MARRY ANOTHER CITIZEN IF ONE OF THEM IS NOT JEWISH!!! A FALLEN SOLDIER OF ISRAELI ARMY CAN"T BE BURIED IN THE CEMETERY IF HE/SHE ISN"T JEWISH! HAVE TO BE BURIED OUTSIDE THE FENCE LIKE A STRAY DOG! Ever heard of that? Israelis are the most arrogant, intolerant and extremely belligerent people I ever met. They only respect you if you kick them in the groin, the more-the better. I lived there, I know, trust me. Did you?
That last one has to be a Moby. Surely. Or have the comments pages of the UK's leading leftist newspaper really come to this?


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