Friday, April 28, 2006


It's not every day that you get forwarded such a classic piece of spam - the first bit of political spam I've ever set eyes on, originally sent by one Adam Ghaznavi:
Resist USA Nuclear Fascism:
Dump the $ Go 4 Gold
UNTIL the moment the Iran war starts, the USA (petrodollar based, speculative/ credit expansionary) regime has control of the geo political economic agenda because of its operational insanity.

But because (to prop up petrodollar hegemony) USA cannot stop without immediately destroying their legitimising narrative (triggering crash of petrodollar & with it the entire global political economy) they must carry on bombing (presumably including nukes)

The options are stark. Accept global slavery under an ever more rapacious & annihilatory USA nuclear fascist tyranny…

bring USA empire crashing down; not just by resistance in states afflicted/ threatened with occupation, but most effectively, by dumping the worthless enslaving dollar & going for gold (especially for oil trading).

The consequent catastrophic geo pol/econ fallout from collapse of apocalyptic credit expansionary system, triggered via re-establishment of gold standard (which is inherently deflationary).

n turn creates both imperatives & potential to re-engineer the entire global political economy through establishment of a (global reserve Bank of Jerusalem &) single global energy based (instead of gold or fiat) currency.

hich entails literally pumping liquidity (oil/gas before the means to pay for them have been developed) into the market to buy time to effect (with a WARTIME will) the global transition to solar power microgeneration.

In exchange for which USA/ Europe etc agree to accept the constraints of a new global security architecture/ constitution.

The price of consolidating the globally pivotal Medina (oil) superstate will be Jewish admin of Mecca (asmuslims do with Christian Sepulchre, to prevent general war among Christian factions) to prevent warring Sunni/Shia factions razing Mecca (again) or entire region, when Israel has woken up to threat of USA Rapture psychology as per `Revelations7:4’.
You've just got to love those capital letters and italics - it seems that Da Vinci Code cobblers is everywhere these days.


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