Friday, April 28, 2006


Anyone having trouble getting onto Harry's Place this morning? Reckon it might have something to do with Charles at LGF linking to their "I'm not a racist, but..." piece.

As if it were ever needed, more proof the Indie has truly become the Daily Mail for the Left.

The LGF comments are quite fun for once (not a pancake in sight). Noone seems to have heard of the site mind you: it make me chuckle to see HP regular j0nz trying to explain that HP are a bunch of mostly Lefties to a bunch of mostly Righties. Although it wouldn't be LGF comments without someone getting irate about the UK and WWII whilst forgetting that *ahem* the US turned up late. Again.

Two that made me smile (especially the description of Fisk as a "liberal"):
A word to Fisk and his liberal brethren:

You are correct. Absolutely correct. THE LOBBY is all-powerful, all-seeing, and in full control.

They are a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
I knew it.

...when do I get the cheque from the Zionist cabal?

i want that cheque

Whilst we're on the subject of the International Jewish Conspiracy, here's one you might have missed:
INJEWCON can now announce that it was industrial saboteurs from the International Jewish Conspiracy's Chutzpah Committee who successfully ensured that the new Mini Cooper would be substantially larger than the original in every dimension, giving the Germans, who now manufacture the diminutive automobile, the impression that they are shrinking.

(Update: Although didn't VW run an ad campaign on this gag a while back?)


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