Monday, April 24, 2006


You might have missed this one. So did I, nearly.

It's not every Sunday I find an Express in my local coffee shop. And not being a thirty-something in the midst of a Quo-Life Crisis, I've never bought Q magazine either.

To those who have, apologies.

To those who haven't, imagine my delight to spot the Gorgeous One spouting the following:
[On Tony Blair] I think he's a preening tosser.


I mean, he is quite a nice guy when you're sitting having a cup of tea, but if you were sitting with a mass murderer you wouldn't put on one side the fact that he was a mass murderer just because his manners were good.
Of course not. You'd go disco-dancing with the f*cker, no George?

Sorry, I know it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but I couldn't resist...

No wonder he's so keen for Tariq to get out - there's serious unfinished boogaloo business to settle, let alone those Mariam Appeal records that have disappeared into Jordan...

It must hurt to know there's a fascist cnut you call family with a better tash, eh George? What would Stalin say?



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