Friday, August 11, 2006


Personal post time.

I'm now a happily married Mr Dan ML.

Thanks to everyone who sent kind wishes, regards and the like over the past few weeks. I really appreciate that.

For those that didn't find Doughnut Boy Andy's remarks in the comments, the stag do was a bit of a classic - music and dancing and drinking and climbing through far too many stupidly small holes in the middle of nowhere. And reclaiming stolen items of clothing from associates in pub car parks dressed only in boxers by means of threats delivered in association with an eight foot long toilet brush.

The wedding was a bit of a wash-out. Literally. Storm + Norman church = flooded interior, every guest drenched head to toe, roads blocked requiring emergency assistance from old dears and a lightning strike that blew the electric meaning the organ died. Hence no music for my better half to walk in to. We did our best to sing instead. Being forced to have a candle-lit service was a little unexpected, but rather nice if the truth be told.

The reception was a bit of a blur but people seemed to enjoy themselves and each other, some more so than others shall we say.

As DBA pointed out, the honeymoon is traditional a private affair. Although I will say that we did somehow manage to get our car blessed in a rather odd procession, find a village populated by straw men and watch some sort of chariot racing round the local hippodrome in the same day. Quite an achievement.

Right. Back with the programme.


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