Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'd missed this one the first time around. From earlier in the year, here's Guardian columnist Azzam Tamimi preaching moderation on the issue of Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine:

Choice quotes for the hard of hearing or those whose bosses might not appreciate them belting out Islamists rants whilst at work:
Those who resist, those who fight, put up a Jihad against racism, against Zionism, are the true representatives of the Palestinians and all the Muslims regarding the Palestinian issue.


Israel is a menace, is a threat to humanity!


They [Bush and Blair] are worried that this spoilt baby of theirs [Israel] is about to be thrown out of this human body of ours! [Nicely put.]

You count my words! And you remember these words! It's a matter of time.

As they withdrew from South Lebanon due to the great jihad of Hezbollah and as they withdrew from Gaza due to the great jihad of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, this black chapter in the history of humanity will eventually come to an end.

And we say we are willing to bring it to an end peacefully.

But if they don't want peace, we have another language. We have another language and we have every right to use that language!

And time will tell and history will tell.

Allahu akbar!
Well that's one less Christmas card I'll be sending this year.

If that's Trafalgar Square, funny how they got away with displaying the Iranian flag. The March for Free Expression organisers were told demonstrators were barred by law from holding Danish (or indeed any other) flags aloft. Hmmm.

And speaking of true representatives, other than being a terrorist shill, who exactly does this man represent?


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