Thursday, May 25, 2006


Here's an alternative take on the Euston Manifesto launch.

Whilst you're reading about the amazing speakers, the lovely bunch of people who turned up to show their support or the great after-party, spare a thought for those who had to carry items such as these around the tube during rush-hour yesterday (or run back to their offices with them at 1am):

I'd been told by a friend that the best way to avoid trouble on a bus in Peckham was to carry a bucket as people tend to leave you alone. This turned out to be true of tube trains as well, with commuters shying away from me even more than usual. Partly it was because I probably looked like a proper wrong'un and partly because I was carrying a pair of buckets.

I'm sure there were a couple of nervous glances around me as if Dom Joly were about to pull some stunt for Trigger Happy TV.

I thought about it. After all, if you stick a bucket on your head and sit down next to someone it shouldn't be embarrassing as they can't see who you are. But strangely it is. Or so I'm told.

I suppose there's always the fear that someone might take it off and expose you for the loon you are. But have you ever heard of anyone taking a bucket off someone else's head without their consent? It's just not the done thing. Besides, would you go up to someone with a bucket on their head and pull it off? I think not.

Anyhow, this is pure conjecture as by the time I'd thought it all through I was already sitting on the tube, the whole carriage having seen me struggle on with my buckets thus ruining any chance I had of being Anonymous Bucket Man. A shame.

I clearly need more sleep.

I should have asked these fellas how they felt about the anonymity thing:

Yep. That's Pimms he's drinking.


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