Friday, April 07, 2006


There's a Were-Rabbit on the loose.

Animal lovers today urged allotment holders to find a happy ending to the saga of a giant rabbit which has been ravaging their vegetable plots.

Residents in the Northumberland village of Felton have threatened to shoot the beast which is munching its way through rows of leeks and parsnips, cabbages and carrots.

But the RSPCA called for a more humane solution, urging them to trap it in a cage and release it elsewhere.

The over-sized raider has been dubbed the Were-Rabbit after the Oscar winning Wallace and Gromit film.

The movie features hapless Wallace, boss of humane pest control firm Anti-Pesto, inventing a device to suck up the creatures in an elaborate vacuum machine.

But the Northumberland allotment holders have sought a more traditional solution, posting armed guards around the site with a shoot-to-kill policy.
More vampire rabbits here.

Oh, and check out this little fella's jumper.

A few bits of light relief from today's triple suicide bombing at the Buratha mosque in Baghdad which has left 51 dead and 158 injured. Nice. And 216 virgins on the other side hoping their number doesn't come up.


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