Friday, March 17, 2006


Bit slow off the mark with this one. With thanks to MediaWatchWatch:
Stephen Green of Christian Voice is not the only religious maniac to feature in Viz, the UK’s top satirical comic.

In this month’s issue Suicidal Syd (”He’s always trying to pop his cork”) is trying to top himself because he didn’t receive any Valentines cards. One of his attempts sees him drawing “an inflammatory picture of Muhammad” and taking it to show the local Mo-toon protestors. These chaps just happen to bear a close resemblance to the al Ghurabaa mob who demonstrated outside the Danish embassy in February:

So it’s “al Grrr-abaa” from now on, then.

Apparently Viz has a disclaimer at the back of this month's issue which states:
"Viz is a non-prophet-mocking organisation".

For what I thought was a fairly puerile comic, they've now managed to lampoon both Stephen Green of Christian Voice and the Al Ghurabaa lot who were threatening to get their choppers out.

Do these cartoons qualify as "hate speech"? Should Viz be punished for publishing them? I think not.

Incidentally, five of the protesters who were demanding the beheading of those who insult Islam last month have been arrested:
Five men were arrested today over their alleged role in protests outside the Danish Embassy in London last month against cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

Four of the five were held on suspicion of incitement to murder and all five are suspected of "using threatening words or written material to stir up racial hatred".
The Metropolitan Police said today: "A number of specialist evidence gathering officers were deployed who collected video, audio and stills of those within the crowd. A dedicated investigation team, Operation Laverda, was set up that day.
I'd like to think that the Met, with their "specialist evidence gathering officers", ought to be able to work out who was carrying the placards advocating head-chopping.

And why has it taken so long?


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