Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Freedom for Egyptians blog is promoting a sit-in in Tahrir Square, Cairo at 6pm today, for a free press and independent judiciary.

The sit-in is called in support of an independent judiciary system and a free press.

Egypt is not enjoying an independent judiciary system until this day. Some honorable Egyptian judges who are the elected members of the Cairo and Alexandria Club of Judges (Association) are going through one of the most important battles in Egypt's history. An independent judiciary means free home. Show your support and love to Egypt and show up.

The executive power in Egypt is in full control of the judiciary system and judges. Free judges mean democracy, free and fair elections and justice to all Egyptians.

Egyptian journalists can be jailed for expressing themselves freely or for exposing corrupt cases. Free press means a new Egypt that enjoys transparency and integrity.

A law was promised two years ago to free the Egyptian journalists is kept in the drawers and journalists are still given sentences. Most recent cases are jailing sentences to journalists from the independent Al Masry Al youm and Alfagr papers.

In solidarity with the Egyptian Judges Club in Alexandria and Cairo and the free journalists to call for an independent Judiciary in Egypt away from the grip of executive authority and for the annulling the law that stipulates jailing journalists if proven guilty for exercising their freedom of expression.

There is no free country without a free press and independent Judiciary system.

Well said.

Hopefully we'll have pictures soon.


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