Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Their cover's been blown by an intrepid young detective who goes by the name of Vinnie Brett. Where would the Left be today without such moral guardians?
Hi, my name is Vinny. As a liberal I'm becoming increasingly concerned by the "Muscular Liberals" or "Liberal Interventionists" as they describe themselves.

It was David Aaronovitch's increasingly bizarre justifications for the Iraq fiasco which alerted me to these "Decent leftists" (David is very ex The Guardian: cf The Norman Johnson column in Saturday's Guardian: and is now taking Rupert's shilling over at the soaraway Times.)

My research led me discover the blog "Aaronovitch Watch (incopporating Nick Cohen watch)" at http://aaronovitch.blogspot.com/ where I found many others who were baffled at previously impeccable liberals' unqusetioning support for Bush's post 9/11 global hissy-fit.

I also discovered that the pro-war left was far more organised and genuinely intimidating than I had imagined, their website at http://hurryupharry.bloghouse.net/ is the hothouse for their bile, have a look.

I think that there are some very powerful forces at work here, there appear to be connections between Harry's Place and a number of New Labour Newspeak outlets.

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

The folks at Harry's Place have some very strange views for people supposedly of the left, they often sound racist and disturbingly mysoginistic.

They appear to know little about Islam but clearly despise it as inferior to Christianity and must spend most of their time searching for bad things to say about George Galloway (not difficult) and Robert Fisk (apparently a monster) they have even created a word "fisking" due to their hatred of Fisk. I haven't workrd out what it means yet, but it doesn't sound like a term of affection.
In time you will learn, young Padawan.
I think these are dangerous people and must be watched to the point of ridicule. What do you reckon?
You're damn right.

Here's a shot I took when I snuck into one of their sinister rituals that acolytes like to call a "Beer Blast". Just look at the fevered manner in which they play "Pour (or was it Purr?) the Galloway", their scales glistening with sweat in eager anticipation of the links their mighty overlords will bestow upon them for their services to the fascist Commentariat.

MEANWHILE, three of their masters look on with great satisfaction at their devotion to the cause:

These armchair generals spend much of their time plotting and devising novel methods with which to Fisk their victims. At this moment we can clearly see Oliver Kamm's Chomsky Hat in the left of the picture - the very same hat that was used to such devastating effect on Neil Clark only recently in one of the nastiest pieces of treachery the Left has ever seen.

To the right we can see one of the British HP Corps wielding in his mouth what I believe is known as a "Hitch-Stick", a semi-lethal device that when primed instills complete bewilderment and cognitive disarray in one's political opponent.

Do not allow yourselves to become complacent. These are but two of many deadly weapons they possess in their substantial Fisking arsenal.

The freemasons have nothing on this bunch.

But we will resist. And march.

And hang pictures of Tony Benn above our fireplaces.

Yours in protest,



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