Saturday, February 18, 2006


And on. Another nine dead over those Mohammed cartoons. From the Grauniad:
The furore over the prophet Muhammad cartoons hit a new peak last night when at least nine people were reported dead in the Libyan city of Benghazi after a mob set fire to the Italian consulate.

More than 1,000 protesters set upon the mission, setting cars alight and breaking windows, apparently angered by a minister in Silvio Berlusconi's government who has said he intends to wear T-shirts bearing some of the cartoons.
I worked with an incredibly offensive man who used to wear a t-shirt that said:
Jesus loves you.

Everyone else thinks you're a c*nt.
He wasn't a particularly nice bloke, but noone felt the urge to kill him or the rest of us who worked with him. We just took the piss back.
An Italian consular official said nine protesters had been killed and several more had been wounded as armed police clashed with the crowd. State television showed part of the consulate on fire.

Italian state-owned RAI television said six members of the consular staff were trapped inside, but unhurt. RAI said anger mounted at the actions of Roberto Calderoli, the minister for constitutional reform, and a leading member of the xenophobic Northern League. Earlier this week, he announced that he planned to wear T-shirts featuring the cartoons that were published in European newspapers and have sparked violent protests around the world. Last night Mr Berlusconi asked for Mr Calderoli to resign.
Idiot he may be, but really, is this the way to respond to right-wing taunts? Especially those that are aimed to show Muslims in a bad light?
The row also showed no signs abating in Pakistan where a cleric offered a £600,000 reward to anyone who killed the Danish cartoonists. Muhammad Yousef Qureshi, the leader of the hardline Jamia Ashrafia religious school in Peshawar, announced the bounty after Friday prayers. The reward also included a Toyota car, he said.
Remind me what was so offensive about this:

Does it really warrant a death sentence?


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