Friday, February 24, 2006


A tale of two protests in Oxford tomorrow. For once, the anti-vivisectionists won't be alone - Pro-Test will be countering their usual demo with one of their own in favour of animal testing within science and in particular, a proposed biomedical lab being built in collaboration with the Univeristy of Oxford. Their website states:
Pro-Test was formed in January 2006 by a Laurie Pycroft, also known as "Sqrrl101" as a response to demonstrations by anti-animal testing protestors in Oxford. We stand for science, reasoned debate and, above all, the welfare of mankind. Our organisation supports only non-violent protest and we condemn anyone who uses violence or intimidation to further their cause, no matter what that cause may be.
If you live in the area and feel strongly one way or the other about animal testing, why not pop along and have a look?

After all the recent fuss over our right to freedom of speech, here's a great opportunity to use it, peacefully.


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