Monday, February 13, 2006


Having just spent a five hour round-trip to ensure I stay on my NHS dentist's books, only to find he'd taken the day off without telling me, blogging is really the last thing on my mind.

But, I received an email over the weekend from Philo from Students for a Free Tibet that I really ought to post. He wrote to let me know of NoLuv4Google's Mass Breakup with Google day tomorrow, February 14th.

Over to Philo for the details:
I know progressive bloggers haven't picked up on the Google story to the same extent as the right -- though there's a great deal of hypocrisy on the censorship issue. Fortunately there has been real outrage from both sides of the blogosphere in response to the revelation that Yahoo turned over information that put a second Chinese dissident in jail for his political beliefs. I really believe it's a matter of time before Google is put in the same position as Yahoo. If we don't raise our voices now, what chance do we have of Google doing the right thing.

As of today, over 2,050 people have committed to boycott Google on Valentine's Day, over 45,000 emails have been sent to Google's executives, and over 4,300 emails have been sent to executives at Yahoo, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Most importantly I want to let you know that we've just posted our latest Google break up video, which you can view NoLuv4Google homepage or here. We've also launched our new blog, powered by WordPress, which you can visit at

As always, I'd really appreciate if you can post on this. We're getting down to the wire. We're getting down to the wire. We've heard from contacts inside Google that they have given ALL of their employees the option of not coming to work on February 14th to avoid our protests. Help us continue to put pressure on Google for their disgraceful partnership to help the Chinese government block information about democracy and human rights from people inside Tibet and China.


Students for a Free TibetUSA
When I last checked, just under three thousand people had pledged to break up with Google tomorrow. That's not exactly going to have Google quaking in their boots, but like all these campaigns, it's about reaching a critical mass to get the matter brought up in the media which is important.

At the very least, why not send a letter off to Google's head honchos to show your disgust at their censorship of search results on A similar letter for the big guns at Yahoo!, MSN, and Cisco is available here.


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