Friday, January 06, 2006


Got home last night after an evening out celebrating my birthday, made a cup of tea and turned the telly on. My eyes nearly popped out. There, in all his grainy night-vision glory, was George Galloway taking off his dressing gown. I never expected to be treated to the sight of that man in his pyjamas from the privacy of my living room.

It turns out noone was putting hallucinogens in my ale, just Channel 4 giving pride of place to a fascist. Perhaps to help his PR in the run up to the council elections, Galloway's managed to get himself onto Celebrity Big Brother.
Mr Galloway, the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, was a surprise inclusion in the 11-strong cast for the show which started last night.

"It's good for politics. I believe that politicians should use every opportunity to communicate with people," the anti-war politician said in a statement issued today.
"Good for politics"? Remind me what politics is again George.

Is it getting elected and then using your MP's salary to flounce around the world, visiting your pals in Syria and then nipping off to tour the States to promote your latest book?

I wonder if by the end of Celebrity Big Brother you will have managed to improve on your dismal voting record in the House of Commons, where you failed to turn up to oppose the new terror legislation that you rant on about so much?

Or your overall attendance which according to the Guardian article extends to a mighty four debates since the general election, during which period you have somehow found the time to write one written question.

And your voting record isn't much better is it? Five out of six votes have occurred whilst you've been elsewhere, whoring yourself for the good of your bank balance party.

Sadly, I doubt many of the people who decided to vote for Galloway at the last election will worry an awful lot about his current antics, seemingly caring about UK politics as little as he does. On him missing the terror bill vote last November:
[T]he row does not appear to be affecting Mr Galloway's popularity among local Muslim supporters.

In Brick Lane, at the heart of the constituency, shopkeeper Rafiqul Haque said he should have attended the vote, but his broad view of the MP remained unchanged.

"I voted for him and I am happy that I did."

Nobab Uddin, editor of the Bengali newspaper Janomot added: "If he missed too many votes there would be a problem but people still applaud his tough stance during the war."
Presumably Mr Uddin feels that attending fewer than one in six votes is sufficient and that a tough stance on the Iraq War better serves his constituents than actually voting in the House of Commones on issues that will directly affect them.

That said, the general public don't appear to have had the wool pulled over their eyes so successfully:
[Galloway] stood at the top of the steps on his way into Channel 4's reality television house, held his fingers aloft in a victory sign and shouted "Stop the war". He was greeted by a chorus of boos.

Galloway also went on to say:
"I'm a great believer in the democratic process."
Heh. Except when that democratic process is going on in Iraq or Afghanistan, eh?

Going back to Big Brother, have Channel 4 no decency? Regardless of his politics, the image of that man undressing was enough to give me nightmares. Eugh.


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