Thursday, December 22, 2005


Khan's General Store has an interesting tale of a late-night encounter with a ginger Jihadi in McDonalds on Edgware Road. You know you're onto a winner when a story begins:
I don't eat too often in multi-national fast-food restaurants but when I do I get a satisfying feeling knowing that somewhere, somehow, a little anti-globilisation protester (probably stepping off the plane in Hong-Kong ready to do battle with the WTO) quietly dies. Next time you are about to bite into that double cheeseburger stop for a second and listen. If you really listen hard enough you can hear an anti-capitalist scream.
Heh. Now on with the programme:
It was only then that I noticed a group of four men sat to the side of us in the corner. Three of them were Asian and one was a very young looking red-haired chap. The only reason he caught my eye was that he was wearing a white namazi topi (Islamic prayer cap) and an Arabic kefiyyah scarf and he was clearly white English working class. Barely out of nappies he had managed somehow to get the tufts on his chin to stretch to the obligatory fists length to please the Creator. For I knew immediately that he was a convert to Islam and a recent one at that. He had adorned himself with all the possible outward material expressions of his new ideology. The three Asian guys sat with him I guessed were his new found faith-buddies from the local masjid. They were dressed in standard Western youth attire - designer casual sportswear or ghetto chic. Whatever you want to call it they were joe bloggs identikit twenty-somethings (though one guy looked rather older than that).


He then proceeded to explain how in fact the New Testament was the book of al-Shaytan (Beelzebub) and that Christians were actually worshipping the devil - though he went on to note that they didn't know it and were therefore not to be blamed and should be shown the true path. The Bible also said that Christians should stone their women. I couldn't quite work out though if this was being condemned or condoned. But regardless, it was all true as he used to be a Christian and therefore he 'knew'.


It was a surreal scene - a young English convert to Islam preaching fire-and-brimstone stuff to three South Asian muslims in the middle of McDonald's.
Well worth a read, for it is good: "Special Brain Masala" indeed.

(Hat tip to Eric of DSTPFW for the link - alcohol and Google's reluctance to bring up relevant pages when searching for "McDonalds Ginger Jihadi" that clicking wouldn't involve a little visit from Special Branch meant I'd not been able to rediscover the link to this tale before today)


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