Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Daft lad: (from the BBC)
A teenager is being questioned after police found chemicals and suspected bomb making equipment at a house in Lancashire.

Police searched the house on Grane Street, Haslingden, on Tuesday afternoon and found materials thought to be used to make bombs.

Detectives stressed it was not a terrorist incident, but believed it was an over-enthusiastic chemistry student.
Is that a euphemism that's passed me by? After the whole terrorist militant debacle, perhaps the BBC could use this phrase to describe people who blow themselves up in crowded public places with the intention of taking as many others with them as possible? After all, we wouldn't to offend our enemies now would we?

I can just imagine one of their Middle East correspondents (e.g. Barbara Plett) now:
"Was this bombing of a marketplace in downtown Baghdad the work of militants? Nooo! Just an over-enthusiastic chemistry student who forgot where he was - you know how scatterbrained those scientists can be!

"Anyhow, what's a poor student to do now that Saddam's no longer giving out grants encouraging the practice of over-enthusiastic chemisty in Israel? If it weren't for the Americans, this guy would be on his ERASMUS placement in Gaza right now! It's enough to make me weep."


Speaking of over-enthusiastic chemistry students, looks like we caught another one yesterday:
British anti-terrorist police have arrested a man in connection with the attempted bombings of London's transport system on July 21.

The man was arrested at Gatwick Airport, south of the capital, as he got off a flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Metropolitan Police said.
Wonder whether he was enrolled on one of those popular Chemistry Summer Schools in Afghanistan that were all the rage a couple of years back?


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