Thursday, March 30, 2006


Over the weekend, Maryam Namazie had the pleasure of debating the merits of secularism with one Stephen Green of Christian Voice. Judge for yourselves, but it looks like Madeleine Bunting isn't alone on her cultural relativist perch.
Today, I took part in the Heaven and Earth TV Programme on BBC with Stephen Green of Christian Voice infamy. The bible-thumper (he had actually brought his bible with him) kept equating his religious belief with my demand for secularism and said basically that if one is to be imposed why not his 'world view' from the middle ages...

Err, because secularism isn't a religion. Secularism is a basic minimum for society and says you have a right to belief or superstitious mumbo jumbo as long as it is kept apart from the state and educational system. This benefits the religious as well as the non-religious though of course not the likes of him but they aren't happy unless there is a stoning taking place.

Now, this isn't rocket science. Even if someone is a Christian, she or he doesn't necessarily want to live under the system Green has in mind (now that's an understatement). Also, there are a lot of other people in society with other religions and with no religion who won't survive a second under Green's heaven on earth.

And of course there is that one small problem; even if there is historical amnesia about Christianity's inquisitions and witch burnings - there are ample current examples of religion in power – none of them very pretty I might add - to turn anyone off.
Spot on.

And a good excuse to reprint the following cartoon from Viz, when Terry F*ckwit decides to pay Club Cretinus, Britain’s leading dating agency for doofuses, a visit:

(Hat-tip: MediaMediaWatch.)


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